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Motor Club of America

MCA Services ...

Have you heard of Motor Club of America? This company has been in business since 1926 and provides 24/7road side assistance, up to $500 travel assistance (pays for lodging, meals and transportation if your car breaks down and you are more than 50 miles from home.), Lawyer Service for Vehicle Damage Matters, $500 bond certificate to help pay for a moving violation, $50,000 accidental death benefit paid to your estate, dental, vision and prescription discounts, $1000 credit card protection (in case your credit cards are stolen) a $500 emergency room benefit whether you are injured at work or home (helps pay for deductibles towards cast, splints, IV's, etc.) paid directly to you, if you are in a car accident and are hospitalized MCA will pay up to $54,000 ( $150/day ) of medical bills (your car insurance will pay the hospital bills and MCA pays YOU DIRECTLY!) 

The club provide a variety of benefits for its members including: 
1) UNLIMITED 24/7 Road Side Assistance 
2) Towing up to 100 miles (AAA only tows 5 miles) 
3) Emergency Room Benefits 
4) Hospitalization Benefits ($150 per day) 
5) Bail Bond $25,000 Coverage 
6) Arrest Bond $500 Coverage 
7) Accidental Death Benefits (up to $50,000) 
8) Exclusive Hotel Discounts 
9) Car Rental Discounts 
10) Travel Planning 
11) Travel Assistance 
12) Dental Discounts 
13) Prescription Discounts 
14) Vision Care Discounts 
15) Credit Card Protection up to $1,000 
16) Legal Fees up to $3,000 
17) Emergency Travel and Living Expenses 
18) Touring and Travel Concierge Services 
19) Amazing $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward 
20) Legal Service for Vehicle Damage Matters 
21) Legal Services for Auto Manslaughter, Auto Assault, and Battery 
22) Legal Services for Moving Violations
23) MCA is now paying your speeding tickets

Not only do you receive all of these great benefits from MCA, you become an associate, get your own website and receive an $80 commission for every referral you make. Here's the potential..if you make 2-3 sales per week of this wonderful benefits package, you are making $80x 3= $240/week, $960 extra a month. $960 in your pocket if you do the bare minimum! What would you do with this extra money? Pay bills, take a vacation, save? Now who doesn't need extra cash these days and who doesn't need road side assistance? You deserve the peace of mind when you are out on the road. Plus you deserve to get paid for every referral! Imagine if you made a commission for every restaurant, movie or night club you recommended? You are already referring products, so why not get paid for it?